Request for Funds, for the Extension of the House

It is greatly feared that this plague will spread throughout the country. As for my own house—which presently accommodates the guests in various sections of the quarters—it is filled to capacity. And you all are aware of God Almighty’s promise that He will give special protection to those who take sanctuary within the walls of my house.

Now, I have a lawful share in the adjacent house that belonged to my relative, the late Ghulam Haider. The surviving relatives, who also possess lawful shares in that house, have agreed to give me my share in that house and to let me acquire the remainder of the house on payment. It is my opinion that attending to the restoration of this adjacent house—which can be integrated into my own house—will require about 2000 rupees. And we must be mindful of the fact that the specter of the plague looms before us. In particular, the glad tidings of the divine revelation betoken that my house will serve as an ark during the storm of the plague. Moreover, it cannot be ascertained as to who will be able to partake of these glad tidings.

So it is imperative that we swiftly carry out this work of restoring and integrating this adjacent house. Relying solely on God—Who is the Creator, the One Who provides us with our sustenance, and Who looks at our good deeds—we should exert ourselves in this matter. I too have discerned that this house of mine is like an ark. But, in its present state, it cannot accommodate even one more man or one more woman. And this has created the need to extend the house.

Peace be on those who follow the guidance.

Signed: The author, Mirza Ghulam Ahmad of Qadian.

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