This is the Time for Service

My intent in offering the various pieces of advice in this book is to enable the members of my religious organization to advance in piety; that they may become worthy enough to be spared from God’s wrath wherefore flames presently seethe across the land; and that they may be saved from the plague in a distinctive manner.

True piety—alas, true piety is indeed uncommonly rare—is foremost among the qualities that please God. In fact, God saves the truly pious man through divine intervention, and not merely through ordinary means. Any deceitful man or a fool can claim that he’s pious; but that man is truly pious whose piety is proved through divine signs. Anyone can claim that he loves God; but the man who truly loves God is the one whose love is proved by heavenly testimony. Everyone claims that their religion is righteous; but that man’s religion is righteous who receives spiritual light right here in the world. And every man claims that he will be the one to achieve salvation; but that person is accurate in his claim who witnesses the blessings of salvation right here in this world.

Make every effort so that you may become God’s beloved servants; and He will save you from every calamity. In particular, the truly pious man will be saved from the plague, because he will be in God’s protection. Hence, become one of God’s truly pious servants. You’ve already heard what God has said about the plague—it is a horrific blaze. Therefore, save yourselves from that blaze. And that person will be saved from this blaze who obeys me completely; who doesn’t harbor any aspect of moral treachery; who is not sluggish in carrying out his religious duties; who isn’t benighted in matters of his religious duties; and who is wholly virtuous. But that man places himself in trial who is slothful in fulfilling his moral responsibilities, who doesn’t exert himself wholly in the ways of piety, and who gives preference to worldly affairs over religion. So I urge you to obey fully God’s commandments in their entirety and true spirit.

As for those who have taken the religious pledge, this is the time to serve the cause of this organization with their wealth. The person who is capable of donating a single penny every month should do so on a monthly basis. And the person who is capable of donating a rupee every month should do so on a monthly basis. Your donations are required, because we need to finance several unmet needs of this organization: the running of the public cafeteria; upkeep of the various activities of religious propagation being carried out by your organization; hundreds of guests arrive in our town but, because of the lack of quarters, they cannot be accommodated suitably, and even basic amenities such as beds are unavailable; extension of the mosque is another pressing need; and our enterprise of printing and publishing is worrisomely inadequate, in comparison with the corresponding activities of the Christians—we’re barely able to eke out the publication of a thousand copies of our religious magazine, whereas the Christians publish fifty times this amount.

So these are the affairs that require the fullest possible financial assistance from every individual who’s taken the religious pledge. And God will assist those individuals who make financial contributions for the aforesaid causes. Your act of making regular monthly donations with regularity, though the amounts might be small, is preferable to the donation that’s made impulsively after a long period of willful negligence. Every man’s sincerity will be recognized by his religious services. My dear friends, these are the times that require you to serve Islam—regard this as a unique opportunity that won’t present itself again. Thus, whoever among you is capable of giving the poor-rate (zakat) should do so. By the same token, guard against spending money needlessly. Instead, contribute that money to the religious causes that I’ve outlined above.

Beyond this, demonstrate your sincerity and receive the reward in the form of blessings through Gabriel. This reward has been especially prepared for those who have joined this religious organization.

Holy Quran Refutes Christianity

Don’t forget that the splendor of Gabriel’s manifestation in front of our beloved Prophet Muhammad was superior to any other manifestation of Gabriel. More specifically, he appeared before the various prophets in a variety of forms when he brought divine revelations to them (waheey an-nubuwwat, which is the revelation of prophethood that has served to bring revealed books into the world, and that ceased with Prophet Muhammad). For example, Gabriel appeared before Jesus in the form of a pigeon, while he appeared before another prophet in the form of a cow, and so on and so forth for the various prophets that God has sent into the world. But the time for Gabriel to appear in the form of a human arrived only when the time arrived for the appearance of the perfect man—our beloved Prophet Muhammad. In particular, Gabriel appeared as a human because Prophet Muhammad is the perfect man. Furthermore, because Gabriel’s appearance was uncommonly powerful—his manifestation before Prophet Muhammad filled the entire worldly region beginning with the horizon and up into the farthest reaches of the skies—therefore the teachings of the Holy Quran are secure from shirk (associating gods with God).

But Gabriel appeared before the leader of Christianity in the form of an especially meek animal—his manifestation before Jesus was in the form of a docile pigeon—therefore the devil triumphed over Jesus’ teachings. The devil demonstrated such immense power in attacking Jesus’ teachings, in fact, that the attack can be likened to the assault by an enormous python. That’s why the Holy Quran categorically refers to Christianity as the worst of all transgressions of the world, because the Christians have perpetrated the shocking sin of attributing divinity to a mere mortal and called him the son of God. This wrongdoing is so egregious that God Himself has said to the Christians: “Certainly you make an abominable assertion!” (Al-Maryam, Ch:19, 103

Verse:89). Indeed, the Holy Quran contains the refutation of Christianity at its very outset, as can be inferred from the verse “Thee do we serve and Thee do we beseech for help. (Al-Fatihah, Ch:1, Verse:4)” and from the verse “… nor those who go astray. (Al-Fatihah, Ch:1, Verse:7)”. And the Holy Quran contains the refutation of Christianity at its conclusion too:

Say: He, Allah, is One. Allah is He on Whom all depend. He begets not, nor is He begotten. (Al-Ikhlas, Ch:112, Verse:1-3)

There is mention too, in the middle of the Holy Quran, of the Christian transgression:

The heavens may almost be rent thereat, and the earth cleave asunder, and the mountains fall down in pieces. That they ascribe a son to the Beneficent (Al-Maryam, Ch:19, Verses:90-91)

And it’s evident from the Holy Quran that the Christians’ practice of deception, and their worship of mortals, has not been carried out with such vehemence by anyone else from time immemorial. Accordingly, it were the Christians who were especially invited—rather than other polytheists—to mubaahilas (a mubaahila is a meeting of contending parties where persons or parties invoke the curse of God upon those who are in moral error).

Prophet Muhammad’s Magnificence

Finally, I’d like to revisit a point that I had made a bit earlier: the wisdom inherent in the phenomenon in which Gabriel appeared before the various prophets in various forms when he brought divine revelations to them. The intelligent man will be able to discern the truth for himself. I will add only this much that this phenomenon indicates the unrivaled greatness of Prophet Muhammad’s humanity whereby even Gabriel was pulled inexorably toward humanity —Gabriel appeared in the form of a human. And you are the followers of this exalted prophet. So why do you abandon hope? I urge you to demonstrate such distinguished examples of moral and spiritual greatness that even the angels in the heavens will be left amazed; that the angels will marvel at your dedication and sincerity, and send their blessings on you. Allow your worldly selves to die that you may receive life from God. Rid your souls of lower desires, clearing the way that God may alight therein. Irrevocably sever your ties to worldly allures, and establish a strong relationship with God. May God be with you.

In conclusion, I pray that these teachings of mine will benefit you. May a thorough spiritual transformation take place within you that you may become luminaries of the spiritual firmament. And may the world glow from the spiritual light that your Lord grants to you. Amen. And O men of Allah, I remind you of ayyam-Allah, the days of Allah—days wherein Allah brings forth a tribulation, based on His mercy! I draw your attention to the way of piety. The man who appears as a sinner before God on Judgment Day will be consigned to Hell. Therein, he will neither be alive nor dead. Do not bend toward the sham glitter (finery?) of the world. Instead, embrace piety in Allah’s way, and seek assistance from Him through patience and prayer. Allah and His angels send their blessings on Prophet Muhammad. You too should send your blessings on Prophet Muhammad. O Allah, please send blessings from us on Prophet Muhammad and on his family and offspring.

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